Forum Title: Lather or Taping as a Career?
Hey guys, I just recently discovered this drywall forum and I'm happy to join the community! I recently got my career started in the drywall world as a interior systems mechanic / lather apprentice, but I have had some thoughts about my future career. Through a coworker I learned that if I show interest to become a taper for the company that the owner will put me into that instead but I'm not sure which avenue is right for me for different reasons. I will try to list out my thoughts in a simple format. (Before I go into this, just want to mention I have been enjoying my apprenticeship so far) Drywall Apprentice: -Receive a Red Seal Certification after 4 years -Cap out at 31.45$ /hr once you are a Journeyman at my company -Can eventually become a foreman (I believe foreman rate is at 35~$/hr) -Seems like this position is the way to potentially score a position like Project Manager/coordinator in the future (since you learn all the aspects of what goes on in the site not just specifically one thing like taping) Taper: -As soon as I saw tapers doing their job, the first thing that came to my mind is (that looks really fun!) - No apprenticeship / no redseal at the end -I believe at my company tapers make more than drywallers once both journeyman status. -Ontario has a taper union (if I ever feel like moving) -I have a strange OCD of wanting to fill in cracks and crevices and making strokes (wet mopping, painting etc) -I like the high skill ceiling factor of taping (people always saying how difficult taping is and how many years it takes to master the craft -I like the independent aspect of being a taper (they seem to go from job site to job site with all their materials and do their thing on their own) Unfortunately at my company it's basically a either/or type of thing. In a perfect world I would finish my 4 year apprenticeship and get my red seal then learn the art of taping. I would also like to add in the fact that I'm 23 years old and I feel late to the career game and feel the need to stick to a path now. I apologize for the long winded post but this has been nagging me for a couple of weeks now. Thank you all for the help and it's great to meet all of you!
Category: Drywall Post By: MISTY FIGUEROA (Carson, CA), 02/10/2018

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